Restaurants Visited & Reviewed

A list of restaurants that I have visited, which I reviewed the meal I had there. This is for all the lazy people who would rather immediately find that particular blog post than to sift through it all… or even use the search option. For me, I can just add another page to look more professional and less empty. Also, I just feel even better when I see a long list as proof that I did not leave this blog to figuratively collect dust in the digital world (not from Digimon for fellow fans):

Warning: If you are the actual restaurant owner and don’t approve of my review, please do not pelt rocks in my direction. I don’t want to turn on my computer and have a rock shooting out of my screen and pummel my lovely face. How rude!* I’m not a professional food critic. Maybe I have certain likes and dislikes and your restaurant doesn’t cater toward mine but to others’. It would make my day if a restaurant would reply and offer to have me come to give them a second chance or offer me a free meal. Heck, a girl can dream.

*Who got that Full House reference?


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