Cooking Inspiration


A list of “how-to cook” channels that I’ve found. Some I don’t watch any more but maybe you’ll be interested. I may also include ones that I’ve found but don’t watch:

  • Sorted Food: Just a group of Brits joining forces around one, who actually knows how to cook, to show regular people can cook impressive meals. Cooking and comedy all rolled into one!
  • Hungry Girl: She’ll show you her tips and tricks to make your favorite indulgences guilt-free. Her websites is full of recipes and you can find videos of her show on Food Network if you know where to look.
  • Cheap Clean Eats: Blogilates‘ Cassey Ho shows you exactly how much the meal will cost… along with calories! Never fear, Cassey and her charismatic attitude and cardio dance time  will satisfy you and keep you healthy! The sexy tasting doesn’t hurt either.
  • Ochikeron: A pretty girl in Japan shows the world how to make Japanese treats and kawaii ones! Guys who are interested, sorry, she already has a “darling.” She even has Japanese subtitles if you want to practice!
  • Runnyrunny999: A Japanese channel that takes how-to orders from around the world. Hilarious editing with Japanese subtitles and English ones when speaking in Japanese. Maybe he’ll pull out his balding wig!
  • Cooking with Dog: Apparently, a poodle hosts the show while his human companion does all the cooking. Follow the poodle’s instructions and you too can enjoy Japanese food!
  • Brothers Green: They started on Hungry as Midnight Munchies and are now venturing on their own after the end of their show. A dynamic brother duo from Brooklyn, and total hipsters, will make you wish your man could cook.
  • Nicko’s Kitchen: From Australia, Nicko satisfies all your needs with Budget Meals Monday, What You Want Wednesday, and Fast Food Friday in a catchy jingle. After seeing him cook, you will wonder why do men not cook more?
  • Food Wishes: Chef John creates satisfies our cravings and grants our food wishes — like a genie! He has over 800 video recipes with meals to die for. By the way, I just love his voice!
  • BenjiManTV: Benji, husband to Judy from ItsJudysLife, which shows their daily vlogs along with Julianna bear, will show you meals that he loves to make. You’ll probably wonder if you will have a husband who can also cook you meals.
  • Aeri’s Kitchen: From Aerei’s Kitchen to yours, Aeri will teach you how to make Korean food. I found my way here because I wanted to cook something for my boyfriend, who loves Korean food. Plus, her son is super cute!
  • Epic Meal Time: bacon, Bacon, BACON! For the fatty in you and probably secretly lurking inside all of us.
  • Wok the Fok: I like to think of them as the Asian version of Epic Meal Time. Instead of bacon… Lap Cheong! Educate yourself! Also, be prepared to wish you also had a giant ladle.
  • Tran Can Cook: They haven’t posted a video in awhile… I believe they are brothers and they’ll show you how to cook Vietnamese dishes! Seriously, why are so many guys cooking on YouTube… I totally expect my future man to cook.

Note: I just point out all the men on YouTube with cooking channels to emphasize the certain guy I know who claims to not really know how to crack an egg… But seriously, props to all the men and womyn who take a leap of faith and reveal their cooking for the world to see. I can’t imagine how they invent new recipes weekly or even daily!


I haven’t before really followed blogs for food. I usually go to blogs for fashion, such as The Chriselle Factor and Studs and Pearls.  I tend to scroll down and not even pay attention to the text. They’re more of a picture book . If I want to blog about food, I should also learn from what others are doing.  I can’t give them all a summary like I did for the YouTube channels, but here is a list for me to refer to.

  • The Vegan Stoner: This blog was suggested by a friend of my fine through Facebook. I love the cute design and the recipes all seem very straight forward. Seems like a great way for me to start cooking.
  • Poor Girl Eats Well: This blog was suggested by the same friend as above. She said that these helped her learn to cook cheap & easy food. Should be useful for me – poor college student budget!
  • Budget Bytes: Also suggested by the friend above as part of the cohort of blogs she use for cheap & easy food. Can’t wait to start on some. Each post shows the total cost and cost per serving.

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