Shandong(山东): Food

Part II of my travels to Shandong (山东) from September 28 to 29. The best part — the food!

You can find Part I here.

Most of our meals were eaten in one restaurant that was near our hotel. Because we were traveling with a travel agency, we were given the tourist set meals, or the tuan can (团餐). Our teacher made it clear in our later travels that other city’s tourist set meals won’t be as delicious or as filling. She implied that it was the culture of the Shandong people to be hospitable, hence our large quantities of delicious food. It was safe to say we always left with full and satisfied bellies.


This isn’t a picture of the restaurant but the surrounding area.


You can literally see the mountains if you turn your head around!


Here are some photos of the food* from that restaurant. Please be careful to not drool all over your keyboard. If you do, do not sue me for damages.


Pepper & Chicken




Lotus Root


Buns/Mantou (馒头)

A little "burger" I made with the buns and the various dishes on the table. Who says you can't play with your food?

A little “burger” I made with the buns and the various dishes on the table. Who says you can’t play with your food?


Small fried shrimps. I remember that I REALLY liked them. Similar to the shrimps from this post.

Something with Black Fungus. You heard me. FUNGUS. (木耳) Don’t yuck my yum.


Knot of tofu. So cute!


Pumpkin with sticky rice in the middle.



Bird’s eye view of our two meals there! TONS of food.



We had lunch in a different restaurant while visiting Qufu, the hometown of Confucius:


The restaurant


The street surrounding the restaurant. Pretty cute, right?


Similar to Beijing Roast Duck (北京烤鸭). It was wrapped with scallions and a sauce.


“Chinese” hamburgers!


This meat was so tender with a slippery texture. So delicious!

Bird's eye view of our feast.

Bird’s eye view of our feast, or rather what’s left of it. If you look to the plate at the 6:00 location, and to the 2:00 location of the plate, that’s the duck’s head. Just in case you were curious.

We had breakfast in our hotel, the Lijing New World Hotel (丽景新天地酒店). Below is a sample of what I ate at the buffet:

OMG. I have to say I love the yogurt in China. Not sure why. The yogurt there is “liquidy” and sometimes the cartons in the supermarket comes with straws. There are porcelain jars of yogurt sold on the streets and you drink from them with straws. At this hotel, there was a machine that dispensed the yogurt. I felt tempted to steal that machine for myself. The closest I’ve found in America is vanilla yogurt, but the ones that are not too sweet or vanilla in flavor.


I want to drink this everyday for breakfast.


The next post will focus on the jian bing (煎饼) from that area. My teacher said that the type of jian bing they make there is very unique to that area. It really is quite different from the ones made outside of Beijing Normal University! By the way, that was the university I stayed at. Below is a sneak peak:


*As you can tell, it’s been months since I’ve tasted these foods. Please forgive me for any mistakes I make in identifying the photos.


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