Spoon University: Dartmouth Gourmet Food Society

A lot has changed since I started this blog… Hasn’t it?

Maybe you as a reader may not be aware of it but when I look back from now till July 4, 2013, when I founded this blog, a lot has changed. I have a slight idea of what I want to do with my life (food for real!) and I’m getting closer. And now…

I’ll be co-founding a food organization on campus! We’ll be officially known as Spoon University: Dartmouth Gourmet Food Society. Our mission is to provide a way for students to express their enjoyment for food through contributing to the blog and organizing events.

I initially wanted to start a food magazine on campus after hearing about Spoon University last summer. They are an online food publication founded in Northwestern University. Since then, they have included 9 other colleges, and hopefully Dartmouth now! I can’t believe that a spark of an idea from last summer is finally being realized now!

Image from Spoon University

Image from Spoon University

Earlier this week, we sent out a survey to gauge the interest on campus and guess what. Over 150 people responded! I always noticed that there were a lot of food organizations on campus focused on food issues, but never one that is about the broad idea of food, including the simple enjoyment of it. Spoon University fits that niche so well. We were also featured on The Dartmouth, which is the campus newspaper. Check it out here!

We hope to be the central food hub on campus. The blog will be the website students go to for all food things, whether they want to know how to cook a dinner for a special something or just want to look at food pictures. It will also be a place for writers and photographers to express their passion for food. Also, other food organizations will have the opportunity to be featured. They can talk about their goals and meetings. Food events will be an opportunity for students to experience food, from cooking demonstrations to restaurant tastings to meeting with chefs. There’s definitely a lot of potential in this organization. And we’ll definitely try to do something about all those requests for a Dartmouth Iron Chef!

Featured image and the image in this blog post are all from Spoon University LLC.


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