China Adventure Lightning Round

I’ve been in China since September 4. Can’t believe it has been over a month! I haven’t really updated you all on what I’ve done since it has been difficult balancing school work and, well, exploring China. Here is a quick lightning round of where I’ve been. Hopefully I’ll have time to write more about what I’ve been EATING and what I’ve done. It’s been an awesome experience here. I’m currently in Chengdu, which is in Sichuan, and then will be leaving for Tibet. What a great experience! (And a break from classes…)

Jin shan ling (金山岭) Great Wall

Jin shan ling (金山岭) Great Wall

It’s insane how long the wall was! Can’t believe this was built by hand, without any machines. It was so tiring to just climb up the wall. What must it have been like to have to carry all the stones up there and then to build it while climbing the mountain? No wonder people died… The Great Wall is the world’s longest graveyard.

Cable Cart to Mountain Tai (泰山)

Cable Cart to Mountain Tai (泰山) in Shandong

We trusted our lives on these cable carts. Better riding this than having to crawl up the mountain… Nivce view!

Mountain Tai (泰山)

Mountain Tai (泰山)

So many tourists… So many people asking to take pictures with us, a.k.a. everyone but me and another friend, who are ethnically Chinese. Guess we don’t look interesting enough.

Mountain Tai (泰山)

Mountain Tai (泰山)

Them stairs. My legs.

Mountain Tai (泰山) - Locks

Mountain Tai (泰山) – Locks

Locks for good luck. And them heart locks. How cute. Lovers. 恋人

Mountain Tai (泰山)

Mountain Tai (泰山)

Walking down them stairs was the only way to get down the mountain… I hate going downstairs. Irrational fear that I will fall and tumble down the stairs. Plus, the stairs were very irregular. Some were shallow while others were steep. I hung onto the railing with dear life.

Mountain Tai (泰山) - Cute dog!

Mountain Tai (泰山) – Cute dog!

A dog found us while we climbed down. SOO cute.

Qufu (曲阜) - Model of soldiers

Qufu (曲阜) in Shandong – Model of soldiers 

Very detailed models in this… Confucius-like amusement park? But some had no heads. Ha ha.

Qufu (曲阜)

Qufu (曲阜)

As a foodie, I need to learn to catch my own food. Hunger Game status.

Qufu (曲阜) - Hometown of Confucius (and perverts?)

Qufu (曲阜) – Hometown of Confucius (and perverts?)

I hope this guy knows what Pervert means. Plus, it was funny that it had the number 17. At Dartmouth, the current freshmen, who graduate in 2017, are called 17s. So he’s a perverted 17? Nice carpet jeans.

Olympic Park Kites

Olympic Park Kites

The mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympics! So long…

Olympic Park

Olympic Park

Night skyline of the Olympic Park. You can see the Bird’s Nest at the far left. Had to have a really slow shutter speed but no tripod… Hand shook but after a couple of tries, this was the best I got. Enjoy! By the way, the green tower in the middle changes color.


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