Alive in China 中国

Don’t worry guys. I’m alive. Didn’t just ditch this blog.

I just got reconnected to the Internet yesterday after about a week without. I think I was experiencing withdraw symptoms. Just kidding but I didn’t like knowing what was happening back home. My phone mysteriously could receive Facebook and Twitter notifications, which I had set up earlier when in America. So I could see when people asked if I got to China but I couldn’t respond! The torture…

Glad to be blogging about my experiences at China through the story of what goes into my stomach. The food! Despite not having Internet, I have been taking pictures of food, both on my DSLR camera and phone, and keeping notes. Now time to string it into blog posts.

I am currently studying abroad in Beijing Normal University through Dartmouth College’s off-campus program China Language Study Abroad. Today was my first class for third-year Chinese. I am an American-born Chinese. I am a Chinese school drop out. During high school, I selected Chinese as my first choice for foreign language but received my second choice, Latin. Too bad it didn’t help me on my SAT vocabulary but I know how to pronounce it! By the way, “V” is pronounced like “W.”

At Dartmouth, I took Chinese 4, which is for students with Chinese experience, either from home or high school. We learned first-year Chinese in only one term, which is 10 weeks! Super fast. I then took second-year Chinese during my winter and spring terms. And now I’m here in China!

Glad to share with all of you my journey in China through food.

Ni chi le ma? (Have you eaten?)



Little sandwich

Little sandwich

Not really sure what the filling is... 龙福饼

Not really sure what the filling is… 龙福饼

Of course I had to try McDonald's in China even though I don't eat it in America

Of course I had to try McDonald’s in China even though I don’t eat it in America


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