LEFTOVER: Custard + Rice = Rice Pudding

After cooking up the Blueberry Tartlets from my last post, I had a bowl of leftover custard sitting in my fridge. When I was making it, the consistency was fabulous. Thick but still liquidy. Like a pudding! But after sitting in my fridge, it solidified into a blob. What else could I do with it?

What to do... Leftover jellified custard

What to do… Leftover jellified custard

Sitting not too far from that bowl of custard was my leftover rice. I didn’t know what to do with it the last couple of days. I always resort to fried rice and didn’t feel up for that. It just laughed and chuckled at my dilemma.

Note: The small circular grains in the rice is quinoa, which my mom likes to throw in when cooking rice.

Imagine the rice with a face and laughing. Ok that's creepy...

Imagine the rice with a face and laughing. Ok that’s creepy…

While talking to a friend, he mentioned that he loved Rice to Riches, a restaurant that specialized in rice pudding, and that’s when I realized I could make rice pudding from the custard and rice!

Note: I don’t have any amounts listed because I used what I had left in my fridge and winged it. If you try to recreate this recipe, let me know how it went for you! 

  • Leftover Custard (click here to see how I made the custard in the Blueberry Tartlets recipe from steps 8-11)
  • Leftover Rice
  • Milk
  • Cinnamon


  1. Dump custard into a pot.
  2. Add in milk to make it more liquidy. Stir over low heat.
  3. Break the rice since it sticks together when left in the fridge.
  4. Dump rice into custard and stir. (I added it and stirred. If the custard looked like it could hold more rice, I added in more. Add little by little. It’s easier to add rice than to take out.)
  5. Add in cinnamon to taste. (I like a strong cinnamon taste so I added more)
  6. Serve and add in your desired toppings. (I stick with blueberries & walnuts because that’s what I have at home but be creative!)

Stir the milk and custard


Add the rice and then cinnamon


Mix and mix…


Voila! Repurposed leftover.

Rice pudding topped with blueberries and crushed walnuts. My go-to toppings because that's what I have at home.

Rice pudding topped with blueberries and crushed walnuts. My go-to toppings because that’s what I have at home.


If you’ve been following this blog, you should know by now that I like my food hot! When I was tasting the rice pudding when deciding on how much cinnamon to add, it tasted great at that point because it was still hot but also more liqudy than solid.

I served it into a bowl and left it out while I finished my lunch. When I ate my rice pudding, it already thickened. I would have to say that this rice pudding isn’t the best one out there but definitely a way to repurpose your leftovers. Before I made the rice pudding, there was no way I was going to finish that custard in the state it was. Not like I was going to eat spoonfuls of custard! I ran out of filo pastry and I only had a few blueberries left. The rest of the berries were frozen. The rice was also just going to be sitting there.

If you do leave the rice pudding in the fridge, which I did since I couldn’t finish it all, microwave it when you serve it. It will be hot and less thick and jelly-like. Stir and serve.

Food doesn’t have to be made from fresh ingredients. I think it’s more fun to think of ways to do mashups of your leftovers. Why toss it when you can bring new life to it?



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