FAST FOOD, ETC.: Famous 53rd/6th Halal Guys!

New post on Fast Food, Etc. but this time from a guest reviewer, Wallace Wang, a freshman at the University of Michigan!


Chicken & Gyro (Lamb) Over Rice – $6

Check out his thoughts on the famous Halal Guys at W 53rd Street and 6th Avenue. People wait in a long line just for their delicious food!

Told you it was long. The red/yellow umbrella is the cart!

Told you it was long. The red/yellow umbrella is the cart!

I specifically asked him to review because I didn’t think I was capable of describing the flavors. I don’t eat at many halal carts but Wallace says that he has eaten there 20 times. I knew he was the person I wanted to ask for the job because I always see him post pictures of when he goes there.

When I ate there this summer for the 2nd time, I didn’t think the dish was all that. But then, a few weeks later, I tried some of the food that my friend bought at a nearby Halal cart. The meat was definitely not as good as the meat from The Halal Guys. Also, the man, who was earlier cutting lettuce with gloves on his hands, handled the cash with the same gloved hands! So I’ve definitely changed my opinion.

The first time I went there was the winter of 2011. I ordered the lamb over rice and to my surprise, it was just a platter filled with lamb with no rice. I enlisted my then-boyfriend to walk over and complain. They apologized and we got the rice and extra chicken as an apology! Of course, having a plate full of lamb is not bad, when all you’re missing is just rice. I forced myself to eat it all and it was good. I don’t know if it was the cold winter night that enhanced the flavor or if I actually liked it, but it was delicious.

Note, beware of the hot sauce. It kills. I only added very small dabs of it into my entire platter for a slight kick.


Few benches and so many people wanting it. High demand. Limited supply.

Also, walk to W 52nd Street and 6th Avenue for more benches! When I went there, it was basically empty and it was only a short walk away! The benches near the cart are not the only ones. Don’t be like the poor people below who didn’t know and resorted to enjoying their food while sitting. The ambiance when eating definitely contributes to whether or not you’ll enjoy it!

Please don't sit on the ground. At least stand or go to W 52nd St & 6th Ave. for more benches!

Please don’t sit on the ground. At least stand or go to W 52nd St & 6th Ave. for more benches!


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