Late Night Reflections

I really need to get better at posting immediately after eating something. Procrastination is something that surges deep in my blood. As I sit here typing, my room is still messy even thought I told my self 5 hours ago I would tidy it up. But I laid in bed wasting time by checking Facebook on how people were reacting to my new pixie hair cut (YES! It’s real and I’m planning on donating my freaky ponytail now severed from my scalp to Locks of Love). I also then decided to be slightly productive at 2:30 am by finishing the book Julie & Julia. A “government drone,” who created her own Julia Child within her imagination, embarks on a project to cook through Child’s recipe book in a year. After appearing on the New York Times and other popular news outlets while realizing people do care what she has to say, she is no longer toiling away as a secretary but can now comfortably sit in pajamas and write. The words on the book’s title describes the journey much more succinctly than I ever could: “365 days, 524 recipes, 1 tiny apartment kitchen.”

To be honest, I was intending to write this post on Banh Mi, or Vietnamese Sandwich. But then I decided to share how much of a procrastinator this blogger is. So enjoy!

When I started this blog, I thought of Julie Powell, author of Julie & Julia, instantly after watching the movie. I was hoping to find myself after suffering an early-life crisis after a year of college. Julie never intended to find herself with this project. From the book, it appeared like it sort of happened by accident. She was attracted to Mastering the Art of French Cooking as a child for reasons I would rather not delve into, so please read pages 31-33 in Powell’s novel. When she visited her parents, she secretly stowed it away. Her husband Eric suggests that she blog, a completely foreign idea at the time in the year 2002. And what happens?

“I thought I was using the Book to learn to cook French food, but really I was learning to sniff out the secret doors of possibility” (Powell 305-6).

I’m not sure if anything has changed since I started this blog. Actually a lot has. I now have 2 blogs that I maintain. This blog now has over 30 followers. I don’t have crazy amounts of comments, such as the Chris who is mentioned in Powell’s novel, but it’s nice to know someone is reading my musings. People can now see how I think because I literally am typing out the words that are streaming through my head. Fast Food, Etc. has revealed me who the foodies are among my group of friends and brought me closer to them. We’re still working on things but hopefully the reviews will start flowing in! My goal now is to review all the place in the New World Mall food court. Five down and… a lot more to go. At least it’s affordable?

Canele by Celine: Canele and Financier

Canele by Celine: Canele and Financier

I’ve also taken photos for some vendors and they were even used on Canele by Celine. Taking pictures of food made me exhume my Nikon D90 from its days during high school yearbook photo taking. I was surprised by the quality of photos I produced at the Hester Street Fair. All you need is a good subject (It helps that food doesn’t move!) and the sun. After reviving my Twitter (@VickyToriaLi), I saw a post from She’s the First, a non-profit organizing inspiring girls to be leaders to raise funds to sponsor girls education in developing countries, looking for volunteer photographers for their campus leaders summit.  I first heard of them through Pencils of Promise, which I interned at. While taking pictures, I listened in on the speakers and absorbed the amazing women speaker’s advice. Monique Coleman, who most people my age may know from High School Musical but is also the UN Youth Champion, also spoke.

She said (paraphrasing here…) that things happen to us for a reason and for that reason we are the ones to do it. There was a reason why I had the random idea to start this blog, which then sparked the idea to start Fast Food, Etc. We can’t just wait for someone else to do it. We were meant to. 

I connected with a fellow Dartmouth student, who inspired me to give American/Chinese business relations another chance after being told by my mom it may be a good idea. I documented my thoughts about it in this post, which may lead to another blog specifically for American food brands in China. Not only am I looking into a career such as that, I am in the process of contacting people (3 actually) who are involved in the food industry.

So this has been an exciting time. This blog did that. On July 4, I felt the urge to do something and I did. Hunger Is the Best Chef was born. I soon realized that I was not meant to be a chef. I liked the idea of cooking, especially watching cooking videos with my inner glutton going Oh yeah!, but I never actually took the time to cook and write about it. I preferred more to write about food, either reviewing it or sharing my thoughts on food-related topics. Maybe I could be a writer? Not sure but I took the time to apply and am now a Style Guru for Dartmouth at College Fashionista. Expect me to be sharing my China Study Abroad fashion reports! Along the way, while applying, I met and interviewed fashion YouTuber Letitia Chan of Look Under Here. She was a joy to meet and she really is like her silly self in videos!

Letitia Chan from Look Under Here on YouTube

Letitia Chan from Look Under Here on YouTube


So maybe there is hope for me. My eyes are starting to get drowsy and the night, or early-morning, is quickly approaching 4 AM. I think it’s time for me to hit the haystack and to sleep. Good night, or good morning, and keep reading. On the bright side, my crazy weird sleep schedule will make the process of switching to China time a lot easier.




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