My Sweet Tooth Isn’t Big Enough!

Sometimes people describe themselves as having a sweet tooth. I used to be like that. Till I was reminded that I can’t hand extreme sweetness. There is a threshold that if I pass it, it’s sweetness overkill and I begin to develop a headache. Needless to say, the dessert experience begins to just die.

People rave about Magnolia Bakery‘s Banana Pudding. Now I see their Go Bananas! Video Contest, I probably would do a video with me explaining the economic concept of decreasing marginal utility. Because that’s how I felt with the pudding. The first bite was probably nice. I don’t remember exactly because this was last summer when I went to see Cirque du Soleil Zarkana. Anyways, afterwards, my utility, a.k.a. my happiness, went straight downhill. The more I ate, the less happy I became. It was too rich. It was too sweet. I couldn’t handle it. My sweet tooth was quivering in fear as I stuffed another spoonful because I was afraid to waste it. It’s not cheap! My friend, who I was sharing the pudding with, agreed. We mutually decided that this rapidly declining marginal utility meant we should just toss it. We didn’t want to enter Cirque du Soleil with upset stomachs that could not handle the sugary rich mightiness of the Banana Pudding. So, unfortunately, into the trash it went.

I now use this reasoning if I can’t finish something. You eat with the end goal to be full and to feel well. You don’t want to end a meal feeling too full and not well. You already paid for the food and you can’t get the money back. At least don’t stuff yourself because you feel bad for wasting food. In the end, you’re not going to feel content. If it tasted good, maybe save it in your fridge for another day. If it didn’t go well with you, just don’t buy it the next time. But that’s my opinion. Seems like tons of people are going bananas over Magnolia Bakery’s Banana Pudding. That’s their truth and they can preach it. For me, my sweet tooth is still quivering in fear when remembering the year-old memory of the sugary rich Banana Pudding.

Spot Dessert Bar
(13 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003 and Food Gallery 32 Top Floor 11 W 32 St, New York, NY 10001)

Anyways, I stopped by at Spot Dessert Bar after an eatery food tour for my blog Fast Food, Etc. It’s a dessert location with Asian-inspired desserts, such as Green Tearamisu and Thai Tea Creme Brulee. The decor inside is very, well, cute! There are benches and small tables. But, you can easily walk by it on St. Marks Place. It’s located in the basement so be sure to keep a look out for sign and head downstairs. Don’t miss it!

I heard of this dessert store so many times when I was in high school last year, er I mean a year ago. Gosh, that sounds horrible. High school still feels so close. Anyways, the first time I went was last summer with a couple of girls. We ordered their special combo. I swear I took a picture of it on the menu when I last went but I can’t seem to find it. If memory serves me right, for $50 you can order 3 or 5 dessert tapas usually almost $8-9, along with 2 macarons and maybe some number of drinks? Not sure but if you did the math, it was a great deal since the sum would be greater than the $50 you would be paying. ALSO, because you’re with friends, you can share and sample everyone’s desserts. Because I did that, I wasn’t overwhelmed by all the rich sugariness and was able to take in the various flavors, from fruity to chocolatey. I like sharing. Sharing is caring. 

I love any dessert that involves a hot baked good with a scoop of ice cream. Hot N Cold. The juxtaposition of the two temperatures is great. I like that the dessert is still hot in my mouth and the ice cream quenches the fire. Obviously, I’m exaggerating a bit here but you get the idea. So I ordered their #1 dessert and the one that satisfied my dessert needs:

Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake
“warm soft dark chocolate cake, green tea ganache, green tea ice cream, walnut soil”


My apologies. I didn’t record the price but I want to say $8.95 but then I could either be totally over-exaggerating or under-estimating. FYI, my memory isn’t the best. Don’t know how I made it through high school AP tests.

Not only did this dessert have a temperature juxtaposition, there was also contrast in texture. You see the little chocolate sphere on top of the cake (don’t worry, there were more in the back) and the walnut soil? They added crunch! I was surprised by how crispy/crunch the chocolate spheres were. Not only were those crunchy, the outer layer of the cake had a slight “crunch.” I’m not sure how to describe it but it had an almost “crispiness.” Then when you sliced into the cake with your spoon, a mixture of chocolate and green tea lava flowed out. Did I mention? I love lava cake.

I love lava cake.

I love lava cake!

The above picture were taken right when the dessert was delivered. As you can see, the ice cream already is melting. I wish the ice cream was more intact but the dessert is hot so it’s bound to start melting. Afterwards, I got a soupy mess, which I wished it was socially acceptable for me to lift the plate to my mouth so I could drink the remains of the green tea ice cream soup.

The cookie stuck into the ice cream didn’t add much to the dish. It was more of a garnish, and it does add some edge to the dessert. Take a chomp out of it.

After awhile, the dessert became too rich and sweet for me. It was a Banana Pudding repeat. I had trouble finishing the cake. I used to be able to finish a dessert with no trouble but I had difficulty this time. Am I getting old? I started to get the slight headache reminiscent of my Magnolia Bakery experience. Although I developed the method to stop eating if my marginal utility was decreasing, I finished the dessert. It wasn’t decreasing as rapidly as when I ate the banana pudding so I managed to make myself finish it. I’m not saying the dessert is bad, but maybe my sweet tooth just isn’t as big as I once thought. I loved the dessert. The juxtapositions complimented each other seamlessly.

Yuzu Eskimo
“frozen japanese citrus cream bar, fresh strawberries, chocolate pearls”


My friend ordered this. I didn’t look at the description so when I saw this, I thought: cheesecake! I also love cheesecake. Just a simple one. But pumpkin cheesecake is great. (I also love pumpkin pie.)

So when I sampled a bite, I didn’t expect that citrus flavors would be radiating throughout my mouth. I’m a bit iffy on this dessert. I didn’t quite like the combination of fruity and chocolate. It just seemed to strange to me. But my friend loved it. Also, in the left of the picture, there is a strawberry foam. It was really interesting. I’ve seen those scientific food videos that feature foamifying some food and it was nice to finally sample something like that.

All in all, I would definitely return if I came with a lot of friends. We would order the dessert special so we can sample a variety of desserts. I think that’s definitely the best deal because one dessert tapa is pretty pricy. They have so many dessert tapas that I would like to sample. It’s also a great way for people to talk and socialize. There are 2 locations, one at St. Marks Place and K-Town, both of which are places a lot of young people go to. Definitely ideal to meet up with friends.


Tons of macarons!



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