Could This Be the History of Chinese Takeout? (No, Just Joking)

I wrote a previous post about my disdain towards Chinese takeout food and questioned where it originated from.

While on my late night YouTube surfing spree, I found this video of a skit on the history (or “legend”) of Orange Chicken. Obviously it’s a parody and definitely not historically accurate but it’s a funny take that does consider making Americanization version of Chinese dishes.

But I have some issues. Not food related but worth listening. Why the ridiculous outfit with the felt beard and accent? Why such a portrayal? But then the more I thought about it, the more I realized, if he were to be acting without the beard and be talking in a perfect American English accent, wouldn’t people call him as not a truthful portray of a Chinese restaurant chef at that time? I would assume at that time many of them were immigrants. And the accent wasn’t even that obvious in the video. No ridiculous switching of “r” into “l.” Or “ching chong” madness. Just a lot of speaking in a loud voice and many “Ai-ya”s reminiscent of Uncle in Jackie Chan Adventures.

Well… I guess now that I’m talking about Asians in the media… Shameless plug-in time. Honestly, I didn’t write about this video for this purpose. I found the video randomly while on the Fung Brothers YouTube channel and then it became this way since I’ve been talking about film lately.

In addition to food blogging, I’ve began to blog on Dartmouth College’s Pan Asian Community blog. I’ve seen 2 films in the Asian American International Film Festival and have written about them here and here.  Feel free to read them to get another taste of my writing.

In addition, I’ll also begin blogging as the Dartmouth StyleGuru for College Fashionista while studying abroad in China this fall. Stay tuned for that. If you’re wondering why I have a private post on my blog, it was to apply for the internship and I wanted to have it online to make my vision of fashion report more authentic. My interview was with Letitia Chan, who is also known as Look Under Here, a fashion YouTube channel.


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