Crepes Do Live Long!

I usually don’t write 2 posts in one day but I thought today was an exception.

Lately, I’ve began to Tweet and have been tweeting my blog posts out. By the way, if you are a follower and you want to tweet, just write #ChefHunger, because Hunger is the [best] chef on this blog. Plus, #HungryChef was used way too many times on Twitter. I guess other people had similar thoughts when cooking and tweeting.

Found out that Vive la Crepe has heard of my review on their crepes (through the grapevines of Twitter) and has retweeted and posted it on their Facebook page! Twitter can be a platform for people to speak up about their thoughts and ideas and I’m glad someone has heard me. I’m definitely looking forward to returning and reviewing for my upcoming food review blog, Fast Food, Etc.Β Β Groupons anyone?

Vive la Crepe's Facebook Share

Vive la Crepe’s Facebook Share

Vive la Crepe's Tweet

Vive la Crepe’s Tweet

I started this blog to learn how to cook but I think I’ve learned that I’m not exactly the best chef. I cook occasionally but that happens when you’re surrounded by so much food in NYC. Sometimes, it seems worth it to try something that will taste good with friends than to be at home cooking. I’ll definitely try to cook more in college and learn in China while also being more creative in the dining hall. I cook foods that satisfy my appetites, such as yesterday making a breakfast sandwich that consisted of blueberry cream cheese, fried egg, sausage and cheese. I also made one with walnut honey cream cheese, sunnyside egg, honey, and Sriracha sauce. Maybe I like to create unlikely combinations of sweet and savory.

Through this blog, I’ve restarted photography, an interest I developed after being told to take an average of 50 photos per week in my high school yearbook class. Now, I bust out my trusty Nikon D90 to take pictures of food, which doesn’t move so that’s great! When I took the first pictures at Hester Street Fair, my mom and I were both surprised by how they turned out. She was astonished that I could take such nice photos. I guess photos of high schoolers wrestling or hitting a golf ball aren’t that impressive.

I’ve now also started taking pictures of my surroundings and am surprised by what my camera and I can produce. I’m looking forward to learning more about the camera and maybe Adobe Lightroom? You can check out my photos on my Flickr page.

This is my favorite picture

This is my favorite picture. Please click on it to get a larger view!

So thank you blogging. Thank you for showing me that I can put down interests on my resume that I do believe that I’m interested in. Now I can add: food blogging and photography.


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