Burger Obsession

I admit. I have a slight burger obsession. Let me first explain it.

I don’t eat burgers that often. I like looking at them… It’s the glutton in me taking over. They looks so juicy and ohhhh… all that gooey cheese. So many ingredients, the meat, the cheese, the vegetables, and the bun, all incorporated into one dish — that you can hold by hand! It’s just… a sight you have to see.

However… I do enjoy a burger. That Shack Stack from Shake Shack was amazing that first time. If you knew the person who was with me while I was eating, or scarfing it down, you would probably hear how I was gushing about that burger. So good that I kept needing to mention it. Much like when I gushed to a friend after a night out. If she sees this post, hopefully she knows that I’m referring to.

Maybe its the fatty, guilty appeal of it that lures me in. Maybe it’s the taste. Maybe it’s its versatility. Whatever it is, I’m obsessed with burgers.

So last night, I stumbled onto the YouTube show Burger Lab from Tasted hosted by Richard Blais. I spent much of that night watching it… I admit it. YouTube provides me the sight and I am instantly drawn in. Then I’m sitting there wishing I could smell it. Tasting it would be even better.

So at college, there’s a burger I was introduced to call the Big Bad Burger. I think it has the usual burger dressings: beef patty, lettuce, tomato, and cheese. On top is a crispy layer of bacon. I think they add on a barbecue sauce. Usually, I don’t like barbecue sauce but it’s just different here. I usually get the Jr. version, which only contains 1 patty. One day, I decided to get the double patty. Never thought I’d say this but it was too much. Way too much meat. I need my vegetables to balance out the meat. To add some veggie depth.

Big Bad Burger

Big Bad Burger

Maybe that’s why I like the Shack Stack; you have the veggies, the crunch from the fried mushroom , uber gooey melted cheese, and a nice patty. The second time I had it, I forgot to add for pickles and onions and realized it didn’t taste as good. I need those toppings.

I like the Burger Lab’s versatility. Basically taking culinary inspiration and remolding it into a burger, an American classic. They have done a British inspiration and a Dim Sum version. But beware of the insane sound effects. Each flip of patty and even each drop of pickles has a sound effect like the world would undergo an insane change. When he eats it, he is smoking, literally. Don’t believe me? Watch it. Crave the food he makes and witness as the sound effects enrich the burger experience.

I should make a burger. No longer will I just microwave a frozen store-bought patty. Today I made a breakfast sandwich with honey and Sriracha Sauce. It was interesting. A bit too spicy for me but that was because some of the sauce was concentrated in one area. I could make different variations of burgers… Or even in my dining hall take the bare ingredients of a burger and assemble it while making my own concoctions of special sauces from the condiment station…

Comment below with what food obsessions you have! Is it a guilty pleasure like mine?


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