Scooping Out Bagels?

A friend of mine saw my post on breakfast sandwiches and suggested that scooping out bagels can be a good way for people to save calories if they’re health conscious.

When I eat bagels, I usually only eat one half and save the other half for another day, which explains why I eat open faced sandwiches. My mother has actually kept the bagels in the freezer so when I feel like eating one, I just toss a whole bagel into the microwave to defrost and then slice it in half. One half back into the freezer and the other half into the toaster for the crunch.

Now if you do decide to scoop, what to do with the bagel innards? Ok, maybe innards wasn’t the best choice of words. Anyways, here are some ideas:

  • Toast it in a pan and put it into a salad for a crunch.
  • Put it over macaroni and cheese or some other savory dish that you plan to bake.
  • Sprinkle it on anything you think would benefit for some bagel-ness!

That’s all I got for those who are worried about how to utilize the bagel that is scooped out. But if you’re really not happy with the calorie count of bagels, try other substitutes if you still want this open faced- sandwich. Go into your local store and look at the bread selection. These are a good option, Deli Flats, that I’ve tried when making sandwiches.

Debating whether to scoop the bagel? There has been a debate among the food community whether this is acceptable, here are some forums: Serious Eats and Chowhound.

I haven’t tried this suggestion since I’ve felt comfortable eating just one half of a bagel. Food is yours to make so take control! We don’t need to rely on restaurants to satisfy our appetites. That’s why I started this blog, to realize that I can create delicious food as well. But then again, I do enjoy eating out.

Recognize that you do have the ability to create.



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