The Combinations Are Endless!

Follow up post to Mix n’ Match Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich

Since we last talked about the breakfast sandwich, I have made some variations to this sandwich. It all depended what was in my fridge at the time and how I wanted to put it together. To be honest, some tasted better than others but that happens. Not always going to have a great hit every time.

Sunnyside Egg, Philadelphia Blueberry Cream Cheese with Pork Floss (Rou Song) over a Toasted Bagel

I had suggested in my last post to do a sweet and salty version, such as some jelly with maybe pork floss (Rou Song). I didn’t have jelly at home but I had blueberry cream cheese. It probably tasted better with the sweet cream cheese since jelly may have been overpoweringly sweet. Also, cream cheese in general has that nice tart flavor. Just spread the cream cheese and sprinkle the desired amount of pork floss. I definitely recommend you to buy some pork floss (what a terrible name…) at an Asian supermarket and try it. Tastes awesome.

This was definitely an unexpected winner. I really enjoyed the sweetness of the cream cheese combined with the saltiness of the pork floss. I think I could have cooked the egg more since I think the egg white surrounding the yolk also was slightly liquid. I wonder if I were to put the pork floss over the egg instead of under, if it would change the experience. But having the egg over all the toppings keeps it in order without the pork floss from falling off.

Sunnyside Egg, Philadelphia Blueberry Cream Cheese with Pork Floss (Rou Song) over a Toasted Bagel

Sunnyside Egg, Philadelphia Blueberry Cream Cheese with Pork Floss (Rou Song) over a Toasted Bagel

Proof that I had this unlikely combination under the egg

Proof that I had this unlikely combination under the egg

Great yolk picture

Great yolk picture

Sunnyside Egg Topped with Melted Cheese, Pork Floss, and Scallions over a Toasted Bagel

This was an homage to the sandwich my high school chemistry teacher had suggested: cheese and pork floss. I thought I would do a version with my breakfast sandwich. I placed the cheese over the egg so that it would get warm and melted. However, in order to get that melted cheese, I left the egg in longer than usual and the yolk was no longer liquid. Instead, it cooked through so that was not great. Also, some of the cheese slid off from the egg and began to burn in the pan, as you can see below in the pictures. I wasn’t sure how else to get the melted cheese. After putting the egg and cheese on the bagel, I sprinkled some pork floss and scallions for some garnish but also for its taste.

Maybe I could’ve placed the bagel with the cheese over it in a toaster oven so the bagel would toast while the cheese melted. Then I would place the sunnyside egg over it with pork floss sprinkled over. Maybe next time, I can try some different cheese rather than the typical, ordinary slice of American cheese. But I’m just utilizing what’s already in the fridge. Gotta use what you have!


Melted Cheese over Egg

Melted Cheese over Egg

Poached Egg and Salsa Topped with Scallions over a Bagel

I’ve already mentioned this variation in my poached egg post. Here is what I wrote about it there:

I accidentally cut a hole into the poached egg when I placed it onto the bagel. Normally with a fried egg, the yolk would be sliding down like a waterfall. But this time, the yolk was thicker and flowed slowly like lava, probably because I cooked it at a higher temperature. I had more time than normal to take a picture. Usually I quickly snap one picture and eat immediately before I lose anymore yolk. This time, I took three pictures. The salsa was ok. I usually really like salsa but it just didn’t work with the bagel. I liked the bruschetta sauce I used to use. However, the scallions were a nice touch since I like the taste. Also brought color into the dish!

Salsa, poached egg, and scallions over a bagel.

Poached Egg and Salsa Topped with Scallions over a Bagel

Suggested Toppings

Here are suggestions but you can mix and match them. Have it alone or add to it! Experiment! Comment with any suggestions you have or ones that you have tried. What was the verdict?

  • Pan fry cold cuts to heat them up.
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly! A classic.
  • Eggs Benedict version: poached egg, hollandaise sauce, and bacon. Definitely a challenge.
  • Tomato sauce and a sprinkle of cheese for the spaghetti lovers
  • Ice cream? Dessert Breakfast? Maybe not… Too naughty.
  • Spread yogurt and top with fruits.
  • Salad version: Leafy greens and salad dressing.
  • Add chips for a crunch.

If you’re lost, just look in your fridge and pantry for what you have already. What combinations have you never seen? What familiar combinations have you not eaten over a bagel yet? The combinations are endless!


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