Something Different… Bracelet DIY

Let’s not talk about food today. Let’s talk about another outlet for creativity.

It has been over a year since I stumbled upon the D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) blog called Studs and Pearls by Kirsten Nunez. She has an online store called Limette, which she is planning to close and is now having 40% off sale. I bought a gold elephant ear cuff (isn’t her packaging so cute?), which I received tons of compliments on the first day of wearing it.

I have a confession to make. I love studs, even to the chagrin to one of my friend, who I’m encouraging to start a fashion blog (You know who you are if you’re reading this). Not in the overdone way that people would associate with emo style or something, but in an appropriate use of studs to bring hardware accent to clothing. So when I saw that her blog’s title has the word studs and she had DIYs with studs, I knew this would be awesome.

I told myself last summer that I would do her DIYs. It was the summer before college and I should have time to myself, right? Well, I had an internship at the Food Bank for NYC, which took up a lot of my time. Also, I wasn’t sure which craft stores to go through. The ones in Manhattan seemed so intimidating and also a pain to get to from Queens.

I’ve walked through M & J Trimming, a store that Nunez recommends all the time, but I felt so overwhelmed by all the selections. A newbie like myself just felt like it was too much. It felt like my first time going thrifting. I didn’t buy anything. Too many selections. Too little time. A worn out shopper. The friend who I referenced above who does not understand my stud obsession accompanied me on this trip.

One day this summer, I discovered the Michael’s took over Filene’s Basement during the time I was away. I’ve only been to Filene’s once and that was when I found an awesome Calvin Klein black peacoat for a great steal. Sad that the store is gone but as I walked through Michael’s, I saw so many arts & crafts supplies that I felt so excited.

Then, I spotted a leather wrap around bracelet. By itself, it would make a cute accessory. But as I picked it up, the image of the colorblock thread wrapped belt DIY popped into my head. I had my friend search it on his phone and I was right! I checked the supplies and bought embroidery thread and glue. I wasn’t sure of which colors to pick so I picked ones similar to the J. Crew belt the DIY was based on. Looking back, I should have trusted my own color judgment. But also, the color combination from J. Crew is something I never would have put together by myself.

Today, I didn’t feel so well so I decided to stay at home. At first, I was watching some food videos and It’s Judy’s Life vlogs. I then realized, I should do something productive today rather than wasting time with just watching videos. It was similar to how I would just watch/eat food and not do anything about it afterwards. Instagram isn’t enough. Blogging brings it to a whole new level.

I made the bracelet today. So happy that I did. At times, my patience began to wither down. Why won’t this stupid thread knot?! Why is the spool of thread now knotting but not in the way I want it to?! STOP GETTING TANGLED!!! (By the way, any tips on how to keep the embroidery thread organized?*) After some time and clenching my teeth, I finished the bracelet. I wrapped it around my wrist and smiled. It looked a bit chunky on my wrist but that’s probably because I don’t usually wear bracelets. My only complaint is that the knots on the back of the bracelet kind of annoys my skin since it has hardened by the glue. But sometimes sacrifices need to be made for fashion…

INGREDIENTS (Er… I mean materials… food!)

  • Embroidery Thread ($0.39 each): I used pink, brown, gray, yellow, and purple.
  • Leather Wrap Around Bracelet ($5.99)
  • Elmer’s Glue-All ($2.49)
  • Scissors
  • Tape


  • Click here to find the DIY on Studs and Pearls (basically the same but on a smaller scale since this is a bracelet)
  • I would use tape to keep the threads in order after I knotted them and moved onto the next color.
  • I would wrap the same area at least twice because I didn’t want there to be any gaps. This probably caused me to use more thread than needed.
The Start

The Start

Building Up...

Building Up…



Using tape to organize all the strands as I wrap.

Using tape to organize all the strands as I wrap.

The mess before the finished product. Time to cut out the extra thread!

The mess before the finished product. Time to cut out the extra thread!



I love it when people you follow respond. Thanks!

I love it when people you follow respond. Thanks!

Then I kind of wished I made a belt. I finished the bracelet in my sister’s room, well my old room before she claimed it after I left for college. Now she’s at Dartmouth for camp and I’m reclaiming it until she returns. Well while in her roo, I saw a skinny leather belt sitting on her dresser… Wonder if she would notice. Now, obviously I can’t do it because the proof that I thought of it is right here in this post. And if the belt does disappear and a colorblocked thread wrapped one appears, obviously it was my doing.

For this summer, my goal is to do some DIYs. Below are the ones I want to try from Studs and Pearls. I had to go through all her DIY to pick. I want to have an actual list to go by.

* As I was looking through Studs and Pearls, my question was answered. She has an awesome DIY for organizing embroidery thread! It’s like it was meant to be. Maybe a sign? Must do.

So what do you think of this change of pace? Food isn’t always what is on my mind. It is most of the time… sometimes… But I like to do other things. I guess a goal for this summer is to not just learn to cook but to also do some DIYs. Should I make a summer bucket list? I’ll think about it.


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