Happy First Day!… and 4th of July!

It was just a coincidence that my blog was founded on July 4th. Actually, I would say it was founded on July 3rd since it was just past midnight, thus technically making it July 4th, but I was still in my “July 3rd” mindset. It’s not like I told myself back in April that I will found a food blog on July 4th so that it coincided with Independence Day.

But then again, I’m sure my parents didn’t pick the day to conceive me (ew… never mind) or to give birth to me due to the crazy coincidences on my birthday. I’ll list the events and you can decide if you feel motivated enough to use some sleuthing to pinpoint my birthday.

  1. Tax Day: This should give it away for those who are adults and are filing taxes. At least I will never forget to pay my taxes. “Oh look! My birthday is comin– Wait a second. TAXES!” Hopefully I make that statement at least a week before my birthday.
  2. Day the Titanic Sank: The Titanic sank completely on the same date as my birthday, but obviously a different year. A bit unfortunate but at least I can tell you when the Titanic sank. I do love the movie Titanic.
  3. Abraham Lincoln’s Death: I actually walked by the place where Lincoln died, which was across the street from the theater he was shot at. You’re probably thinking, maybe  I should stop reading this blog. This blogger seems to be all bad luck. Actually, I would say the day before my birthday is bad luck. That was the date when the Titanic hit the iceberg and when Lincoln was shot. Sucks for that person.

    Where Abraham Lincoln Died (Washington D.C.)

    House Where Lincoln Died (Washington D.C.)

  4. Emma Watson’s Birthday: I happen to share this “bad luck” birthday with the actress who played Hermione. Love her pixie cut. Wish I could rock it.
  5. Boston Marathon Bombing: Unfortunately, this year, this tragedy happened on my birthday. I heard a lot of people confuse the college one of the bomber attended with my college, since they have similar names. Also, geographically challenged people thought that my school is a lot closer to Boston than it actually is. Prayers to all those who were affected.
  6. Let me know if you find more: By now, you probably could easily pinpoint my birthday if you did a simple Google search for all these events. Maybe you know some other coincidences. The birthday of your great-Aunt who used to always pinch your cheeks? Or maybe it was the day you met your spouse.

Enough of me and my birthday.

So happy that the first day of this blog went really well. I literally set up and blogged from 3 – 8 am. At one point, I lost my first food review post because I didn’t realize the difference between “visual” and “text” when inserting pictures. I also attempted to cook a recipe I had planned but realized that I didn’t prep ahead of time with ingredients. More information on that soon in a new post.


  • 5 posts. 30 tags. 4 categories. 3 pages. 8 articles.
  • 2 comments on my About page, one I later realized to be from a friend.
  • 117 visitors and 264 views. I wonder how many of those views were from me alone.
  • Views from the United States, Korea, Germany, and Canada. I have a feeling I know who some of them are as many of my friends are traveling abroad or are international students. I’m just here in NYC.
  • 1 clean room. Managed to stop wasting my free time watching food videos and brought my room to a relatively clean state.
  • Support from my friends. Priceless.

(I definitely know my catchy end-phrase for this post!)

Thank you.


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