June 28, 2013: Food Review

Just going to try to put up as many food reviews I can for the food I have eaten so far for the summer!

1. Cafe Bench (194-07 Northern Blvd. Flushing, NY 11368)

I keep seeing Cafe Bench when my Facebook friends say they were there. I even saw these before I left for college after winter break. I was planning to go there with a friend but I never got around to doing it. Now high school is over and I finally go with her. Sorry!

It’s quite a pain to get there. I had to take 2 buses, which I really hate. I’d prefer to take subway since at each stop, the name is in huge mosaic print so I don’t feel lost. When I am on a bus, I can’t see what stop we’ve passed since we don’t necessarily stop there. Now that I have a smart phone, I look at it constantly when on an unfamiliar bus and keep a look out for the street before my stop so I can request my stop. I have a fear of requesting the wrong stop and having to awkwardly say that I meant the next one. I don’t like making mistakes.

Well I was just 2 minutes late. My date with my friend was at 2:31 pm. It was a joke from when we originally set for 3:01 pm instead of 3:00 pm. She said if I were late, I’d have to pay for her crepe. Hell no. Girl, you going to pay for yourself because I already had to spend $2.50 and time to get there.

I wish I had taken pictures of the decor because it was so cute. My friend said the theme changed with the seasons. During one time, the projector on the ceiling would play movies on a bare wall. There was a fake tree in the center of the room, which my friend complained about and I secretly chuckled at in my mind. There was a wooden block carved and colored to say SUMMER. The tables were wooden and had benches and foldable wooden chairs. Even the workers dressed to match the theme, with their red plaid shirts and boater hat. As a fan of design, this place won me over in aesthetics.

Of course, I had a dilemma when choosing. So hard with so many choices! I decided to pick a sweet crepe over a savory one. My friend recommended the Lady Nana but she was also getting that. I would rather we get different ones to share. Later I found out she was  not too fond of sharing. How unfortunate. Sharing is caring.

I ordered the Banana Bread flavored crepe. It had a crepe with banana and whipped cream topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup. It was ok. Very sweet. I would much rather get the crepes at Mojoilla Fresh in New World Mall since the crepe comes with a larger scoop of ice cream and more fruits with more variety. It’s much more filling. Also, it’s cheaper.

Banana Bread: Crepe with banana slices topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Banana Bread: Crepe with banana slices topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup.

My friend ordered the Lady Nana (picture is from her Instagram account). It appeared to be a crepe also with bananas topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The difference was that it was drizzled with condensed milk and had Nilla crumbs sprinkled over the crepe. She said that it is popular.

All in all, I would not come back again unless it is to go with a friend. It is a pain to go by bus. I might return if a friend offers to drive me there. I wonder why so many people come here. Is it because of the decor? Or maybe I just didn’t order the right crepe. However, I would much rather get it at Mojoilla Fresh since I like the variety and the price. Crepe doesn’t have to be that fancy. I just need a sweet fix!

Maybe I did order the wrong crepe. Comment if you’ve been there and have any suggestions! I might go back for another try. 

(Experimenting with catchy end-phrases)



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