Remembering My Roots

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted right? If you look at the post before this one, I last posted on Halloween. And it’s now early December… What was I doing?

School gets in the way. It literally is a full-time job. And then I’m in China. It’s not everyday that you’re on the other side of the world! I had to explore. The amount of free time left over? I cashed it in by sleeping.

But today, I attended FindSpark’s Idea to Reality in One Winter Break: A Side Project Workshop. I literally saw it yesterday and scrambled to have my Mom register me online. I knew that by the time I got home from work, there may be no spots. I was right. It was sold out by the time I arrived home. Thanks Mom.

Before we attended, we had to send to Emily Miethner, Founder of FindSpark, some information about our side project. Here’s my response:

Biggest Question:
How can I differentiate myself from all the other food blogs out there?
Side Project About: 
I started this food blog July 2013 as a reason for me to explore food and look into food-related jobs. After my first year of college, I was very lost as to what I should do in the future. So far, I post about anything that is food related, such as recipes, thoughts on restaurants, and food news. As of right now, I haven’t been consistently posting due to school and work. I hope to create a more coherent structure for my blog.
Month Goal:
Write at least 1 post for every 2 days and promote it through social media.
Coming out from that workshop, I felt a surge in energy. This food blog was what started it all. It pulled me from my slump during that early-life crisis. I now am positive I want a food-related job. It led me to talk to food professionals. It led me to look for food-related jobs for this break. It lead me to create a food organization on campus. It led me to join the group of students launching a food truck on campus. It led me to reach out to Boloco on a whim. I did so many things I would have thought was crazy if you were to tell me this a year ago. Back then, I was scrambling around trying to do what sounded interesting to me or even what I thought I should be doing (which is NEVER the right reason to do anything). Now I understand myself better.
I’m super excited to connect with the other food blogger who was at the workshop. She’s been doing this for a 3 years and people have reached out to collaborate with her! Before, I’d publish a post and be dismayed by the lack of people noticing it. However, I shouldn’t be focusing on standing out. I need to do what I do best and have faith that readers will come. The original purpose of this blog was for me to explore food. It wasn’t for others. I need to focus on that and later on, followers will come along. This is a self-development project. After all, my tagline is: A hungry girl learning to satisfy her hunger while figuring out life.
So here’s my promise. I will submit 1 blog post for every 2 days. I will learn to harness social media. Expect a blog post by December 13. If there isn’t one, I give you permission to virtually chuck tomatoes at me. Please be gentle.